Employee Agreement

As a casual employee of Workforce Express you covenant and undertake the following conditions and agreements for casual employment through Workforce Express and its host clients:


  • During work hours it is essential to have your phone on silent or vibrate mode unless specifically instructed or allowed by your Supervisor. 
  • Sufficient time is allowed for personal calls during rest periods, rest pauses or lunch breaks. 
  • As an Workforce Express Employee you agree to observe all host client directions for mobile phone usage. IF IN DOUBT TURN IT OFF. Please advise supervisors or leading hands if you are expecting an emergency or important call.


  • Workforce Express requires that all employees must be free from any influence of alcohol or drugs during working hours, or while on call. 
  • Being in possession of or consuming alcohol or illegal drugs is not permitted on any workplace premises. 
  • Workforce Express and its host clients reserve their right to conduct random drug and alcohol screening on site periodically and as such you will be required to supply a sample for random testing. 
  • Being unfit for duty due to intoxication from alcohol or drugs can be considered gross misconduct and staff identified as being under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be subject to disciplinary procedures and/ or dismissal from employment.
  • As an Workforce Express employee you agree to undertake the guidelines regarding Drug & Alcohol use and random testing.


  • No employee will perform a job until he/she has been fully trained has been authorised to perform that job. 
  • Do not perform any work that you or others may consider potentially dangerous to yourself or other people/equipment.
  • No employee is to use or handle any chemicals without the knowledge of potential dangers or without the correct PPE.
  • Any work related injuries, accidents, potential hazards or near-misses are to be reported immediately to your workplace supervisor and to Workforce Express to ensure the correct forms are competed and action taken.
  • Obey all workplace rules, signs, government regulations and instructions.
  • Always use the right tools and equipment for the job to be performed, (if you are not sure, ask your supervisor).
  • Never remove safety guards or override any electronic safety systems whilst operating machinery, use Safe Work Practice
  • Always stand clear of operating equipment and machinery.
  • Do not use any defective equipment, worn electrical wiring, overloaded power outlets or any machinery with danger/warning isolation tags attached. (Report all worn or defective equipment to your workplace supervisor).
  • Long hair must be tied back or contained, rings must be removed when operating moving machinery or electrical equipment.
  • When ascending or descending stairs always use the hand rail, do not run in any workplace.
  • Do not stand on chairs, tables, etc., to obtain articles out of reach. Always use the correct access equipment.
  • Keep all draws cabinet doors closed when not in use. Store all tools, equipment boxes and rubbish etc. in the correct places to avoid tripping or striking hazards.
  • When lifting heavy objects always utilise recommended lifting techniques.
  • As an Workforce Express employee you agree to take under advisement the relevant safety guidelines while employed.


What Information do we collect and how is it used?

We are asking you to provide certain information that will be entered onto our Employment database. This information includes certain details such as your name, contact information, your birth date, your employment history and financial details such as bank account numbers (so that you can be paid by direct deposit). This is referred to as “personal information”.

Will your personal information be disclosed to anyone else?

We may provide information about you to external employers in an endeavor to match you to a job, arrange training, marketing and staff management. More sensitive information (called “secondary information”) is disclosed to prospective employers who have specific need to know such additional information.

What are your rights with regards to access?

You may be entitled to access all information that Workforce Express holds about you, subject to some exceptions laid out in the National Privacy Principles. Your request may need, for security reasons, to be put in writing. A fee may be payable in connection with meeting your request. You may also have the right to ask us to correct information about you that is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date.

Enquiries and Complaints

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or to discuss the information we have on your file or otherwise, please contact Human Resources at Workforce Express’s Head Office on Phone: 07 3716 6600.


This Procedure applies to all Workforce Express staff, visitors, contractors, and volunteers. It also applies to all activities both on and off worksite property, including any other programmed activity undertaken during normal or extended hours of employment outside the workplace. Wherever it is practical and available, our aim is to promote and maintain the health and wellbeing of our staff and the places of business where they work and to minimise the risks of manual handling injuries by implementing a systematic approach based on a Risk Management Model as follows:-

  • The workplace WPHS representative will be consulted during this and the following process:
  • Identify any hazardous manual handling tasks
  • Assess the risks
  • Control the risks
  • Monitor the controls
  • Timelines will be developed for completion of the risk assessment process and reports provided to staff and employers on progress.
  • A system will be developed to ensure that any new manual handling hazards are identified, assessed and controlled as they occur.

Workforce Express is committed to ensuring this policy is publicised and implemented and will regularly monitor and review its effectiveness.


  • I understand that I must submit to Workforce Express by no later than 10am Monday, a timesheet detailing hours worked for the previous week.  Timesheets must be approved and signed by the appropriate client Supervisor/Manager before they will be accepted by Workforce Express.   It is my responsibility to submit timesheets to Workforce Express on time and follow up with the client if necessary.  I understand that timesheets submitted after 10am Monday may not be processed and may carry over to the following pay period. Workforce Express guarantees that all correctly submitted timesheets received by the payroll deadline will be processed and paid on Wednesday each week.
  • In the event that any excess payment is made to me, I authorise Workforce Express to make the appropriate deductions from my following pay subsequent to the discovery of the error.  Alternatively, Workforce Express may agree to a different repayment schedule.
  • If the host client has additional work requirements, and my role changes, I will contact a Workforce Express consultant immediately or at the earliest possible time.
  • I agree to use the required personal protective equipment as instructed by Workforce Express or the host client. I agree to comply with the supervisors instructions regarding workplace health and safety and will not wilfully place myself or any other person at the workplace in risk. I further agree to adhere to all workplace health and safety policies in place with the host client, including drug and alcohol screening.
  • I agree that in the event that I sustain an injury / illness during, as a result of, or on the way to or from a work assignment, I shall advise Workforce Express immediately or at the earliest possible time.
  • If I am unable to attend work or have problems with my assignment obligations, I understand I must contact Workforce Express immediately.
  • I consent to Workforce Express disclosing personal information provided by me and my referees, to Workforce Express clients as potential employers.
  • I consent to Workforce Express disclosing information related to my job assignment and employment with Workforce Express to relevant third parties as required and requested by those third parties.
  • My employment with Workforce Express is as a casual labour hire employee; as such I may be assigned to provide services for the benefit of Workforce Express Clients, with each shift constituting a discrete period of employment.
  • I understand that Workforce Express does not control the length of any assignment and I accept that, while Workforce Express may indicate the potential length of an assignment in good faith, the Client may vary the length of the assignment or terminate my placement at its absolute discretion.
  • I accept that if a client of Workforce Express varies the length of an assignment period or terminates my attendance at an assignment as contemplated, Workforce Express has the right, at its discretion to discontinue my employment.
  • By providing my email address to Workforce Express, I consent to receive payslips and end of financial year payment summaries electronically unless Workforce Express has been advised otherwise.
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